About us

Tracmo, a striking team takes a broad view of the world, the depth ploughs in Taiwan. And, Tracmo, Inc. was acquired by Knectek Labs (Canada) in October, 2019.

Tracmo, Inc is a startup which established in Taiwan in May 2018. Ahead the company was officially established, we carefully put our initial product on the crowdfunding platform for fundraising. Fortunately, with the support of all supporters, it has over achieved 300% of the goal on the crowdfunding platform. Regarding such an excellent performance, we are confident to move forward on our technical improvement and cultivate the market.

We focus on the details, embrace the ideals and ambitious to act positively. We are not only making the Bluetooth tracker but also publicize that Taiwan’s technical capabilities to the whole world. We are committed to producing excellent tracker and export them to worldwide.

Brand story

We are committed to providing advanced and affordable Bluetooth tracker. Since we made our first generation of the tracker, it used high standard chips and qualified equipment, and with a fashionable exterior. We strive to provide our users with a high end but cost-effective Bluetooth tracker.

Could you imagine how much effort that we had spent on integrating many complex parts into a small box of 3.5 cm by 3.5 cm? Yes, we made it! We want our users to consider that our tracker is a fashionable item when Tracmo hang on a bag. Hence, we invited the top designer to design the exterior of Tracmo CubiTag. In addition to its amazing functions, our tracker’s appearance seized everyone’s attention.

Finally, in the development of Tracmo APP, there are also ingenious functions hidden in the details. We hope that we can solve the problem of losing items and making users feel at ease. Let each searching to be a simple and intuitive little thing. This is our greatest achievement.