Tracmo announces location service for asset tracking and temperature monitoring

Tracmo, Inc., a Toronto-based company with the R&D center in Taipei that designs, manufactures, and markets high quality location based service and IoT management solution platform at an affordable price, has created an integrated solution with Tracmo Bluetooth 5 trackers and Tracmo Station from helping people finding their misplaced items to creating a vast and scalable tracked area to locate equipments and people in hospitals.

Tracmo Location-as-a-Service(LaaS) can track any assets or personnel both indoor location tracking and outdoor location tracking at any time in the past and current. Moreover, Tracmo LaaS can also create several safety zone or e-fence to get a real-time alert when the asset are leaving or entering a particular zone or crossing the e-fence. In addition to that, the tracking data can be collected and analyzed to get some insights.

The deployment is really easy because there are no servers to install. In fact, Tracmo service is built on AWS serverless to offer a highly scalable and highly reliable platform for the customers. By deploying a few Tracmo Station as central hubs with dual band (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and many Tracmo Bluetooth 5 trackers and devices, an area of mesh network will be created to locate items and people in large areas such as hospitals, commercial offices, and theme parks. Consequently, the size and area of the network can be easily scalable at a very low cost without any limit. The size of the network itself can be enlarged or shortened with a simple plug-and-play. Simply plug in Tracmo Station with a USB charger and connect it to the Wi-Fi, then Tracmo Station will collect all the data collected from the Tracmo trackers, and then the data will be encrypted before it’s stored in the cloud. In the real case of our client, in an over 100,000 square meters indoor area, the installation is completed in 7 working days only.

With a user-friendly web app that can be accessed from a browser or phone without extra software installation required, numerous Tracmo trackers and other compatible Bluetooth devices can be tracked and managed simultaneously. This cloud-based data management solution supports both closed system or open platform.

Tracmo LaaS doesn’t require much maintenance because Tracmo tracker’s battery can last for up to 18 months and it can be easily replaced. It is also certified with waterproof rating of IP55 for Tracmo CubiTag so it can handles rain and splashes on outdoor equipments. The Tracmo Station itself uses an ultra low power, ideal for powering through cascade PoE cable. Both Tracmo trackers and Tracmo Stations can be updated over the air to make it better as time goes by.

Based on the real data from the client, Tracmo LaaS help save a significant amount of time on assets and personnel tracking by pinpointing the exact location of a certain item or equipment. In a hospital client, the whole handover time is reduced from 1,460(24.33 hours) to 490 minutes(8.17 hours) per day which is a whopping 66% time saving. As a result, the caregivers can spend more time on nursing work instead of looking for items, such as wheelchairs, test samples, and soon.

Kamel Boulos and Berry (2012) estimate that hospitals purchase an excess of 10-20% of mobile equipments to provide necessary adequate care in combating the difficulties in finding the equipments when it’s needed. Also, Van Lieshout et al. (2007) estimated a potential annual loss of $3.9 billion in US hospitals due to asset theft. Tracmo LaaS can address these particular issues by allowing the caregivers to pinpoint the exact location of the mobile equipments both indoor and outdoor and also get an alert when an equipment is leaving the hospital. Hence, hospital can save a significant amounts of financial resources.

Tracmo can also monitor the temperature of the patients 24/7 remotely with Tracmo CarePad. The caregiver can see the history of temperature tracking and get an alert when the patient’s temperature is too high or too low. Moreover, all the data collected from several Tracmo CarePad can be merged automatically. Therefore, some operating costs such as the cost of protective clothing in quarantine case can be saved because the caregiver can monitor the patient’s temperature remotely.

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**About Iveda ☓ Tracmo Partnership
**Iveda® (OTCMKTS:IVDA) specializes in IoT platforms that offer service providers a turn-key cloud video surveillance system, smart sensors and intelligent video search technology. Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, with a subsidiary in Taiwan, Iveda is publicly traded under the ticker symbol “IVDA.” Iveda chose Tracmo LaaS platform for the Iveda Pinpoint because of Tracmo’s outstanding performance of cloud-based location tracking technologies. Other applications including but not limited to nursing homes, schools, shopping malls, dispatch services, and theme parks can also get the benefits of cloud-based location tracking technologies