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Find Your Item by Ring

Use your phone to ring your Tracmo tracker. And find items which attached Tracmo tracker with its sound. 

Find Phone & Everything

Tracmo tracker can not only find your items but find your phone. You can double-press Tracmo tracker to ring your phone.

Motion Alert

Notifies you when any motion of your item is detected. Tracmo tracker help you keep an eye on all your valuables.

In /Out of Range Alert

When your items in/out of range with your phone. Tracmo tracker will notify you.  Never left something behind.

When your items are lost, turn on the community search, and we will notify you when other Tracmo App users detect your lost items.

Share Location with Family

It is easy to know the location of your family members or other person’s specific items by our sharing function.

Path History

You can retrace your 24 hours path history with our GPS map on the Tracmo app to find back your items.

Slim and Light Appearance

Whether using Tracmo CubiTag or Tracmo Leaf, they all are very slim, light and minimalist.  Smart tracking with no efforts.

Replaceable Battery

Tracmo’s battery will last up to 12 to 18 months, and it is easily replaceable!

*The duration of battery power depends on the device’s usage. Please refer to the specifications for details。

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Tracmo CUBITAG Tracmo Leaf
Size 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 0.9cm 5.5cm x 5.5cm x 0.3cm
Weight 8 grams w/ battery 12 grams w/ battery
Color Glod、Black White
Waterproof Rating IP 55 N/A
Battery Type CR2032 coin cell CR2016 coin cell x2
Battery Life Replaceable battery with up to 12 months battery life
(*under normal use and within safe operating temperatures) Replaceable battery with up to 12 months battery life
(*under normal use and within safe operating temperatures)
Connectivity Bluetooth 5 (Compatible with Bluetooth 4.x)
Device Compatibility iOS 13 and later or Android 7.0 and later
Need the Bluetooth and GPS function
RF Certifications NCC / CE / JRF / FCC / IC

Tracmo Station

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Outdoor Map & Indoor Location

Not sure the item is left in the office or at home? Finds items via both GPS in an outdoor map and a specific room within an indoor positioning.

Simple Installation

Attach it to a USB power plug, connect it with your home WiFi and you are good to go to use tracMo station.

Motion Alert

You can attach Tracmo tracker on the door or cabinet. Receive alerts when items are moved at home.

Arrival/Departure Alerts

Notify you when loved ones who wear Tracmo tracker arrive or leave home. 

3rd Party Bluetooth Devices Tracking

You can scan for compatible Bluetooth devices and tracks the devices from anywhere.
*Applicable with Bluetooth Low Energy devices only

Check Your Valuables

Attach a Tracmo tracker to your valuables, you can find it instantly by ringing the Tracmo tracker or check its locations.

B2B Users Use Cases Tracmo Station Specification

tracMo Station
Size 5.2cm x 3cm x 1cm
Weight 10 gram
Color Black
USB Interface Type-A Power, 5V/300mA
(Compatible with most USB chargers)
Bluetooth Connectivity Supports both Bluetooth 4.2 LE and Legacy dual mode.
Network Connectivity WiFi 2.4G 802.11 b/g/n
RF Certifications NCC / JRF / FCC / IC

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