CubiTag App Official Statement

To provide you with better support and user experiences, we will be introducing a new app called tracMo to replace the current App CubiTag. 

tracMo App will integrate with all tracMo products, including CubiTag, Leaf and Station. All you have to do is install the tracMo app and login with your CubiTag user account. All current user data, device info and app settings will remain the same. Please note: once you have completed the login procedure for tracMo app, you will no longer be able to login your CubiTag account, and it might need to reset if you have set CubiTag App to track your mobile.  

This notice is to inform you that End-of-Service (EOS) for CubiTag App is Jan 15th, 2020. After this date, CubiTag will be removed from the App Store and Google Play. Hence, we will no longer offer software maintenance releases, repairs or bug fixes for CubiTag App. Users continuing to use CubiTag App will be doing so at their own risk.